Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stacking Online Deals

Since stores have become more and more strict about coupon use those of us looking to save money have stared to have to get more creative. With the introduction of online services like Checkout 51, Savingstar and (if you have an iphone) ibotta there is still a chance to save and better yet there are opportunities to save on fresh and healthy food more often. Here is just a basic example of stacking offers from Checkout 51 and Savingstar:

3 Banana's $0.65
Checkout 51 offer of $0.25 back
Savingstar offer of 20% back $0.13

Total Cost is now $0.27

That is a savings of $0.38 over half the original cost - now I know to most $0.38 is nothing BUT you know it add's up fast over time!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Disney On Ice Princesses & Heroes

Disney on Ice is asking it's fan's what their favorite Disney on Ice memory is. My favorite memory is taking my daughter to see it the very first time, she was 4 and watching her eyes light up at the first sight of her favorite princesses brought tears to my eyes. She continues to beg me to go to the new show every year and enjoy's it just as much. 

Want to see more? Check out this great Disney on Ice Video

Purchase your tickets for the new Princesses & Heroes Show here coming to the Palace of Auburn Hills this October!

I received something of value from Feld Entertainment as part of their Insider Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rite Aid 8/31-9/6 $0.79

My Rite Aid Trip this week I had a $5 +up reward to use before it expired, I have the gold discount which is 20% off all regular priced merchandise. I bought: 

7 Minute Maid Apple Juice 4 packs $0.80 - each had a $0.50 Rite Aid Coupon
Rite Aid Brand Toilet Paper 4 Pack $0.80
Pringles $1.59
Tic Tacs $1.27

Used $5 +up reward
Paid $0.79

Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm not ready for back to school

I feel like I'm being deluged with back to school talk, commercials on TV for school supplies, blog posts about lunch tricks. Maybe I'm in the minority but I want these remaining weeks of summer vacation to be just that. To be relaxed and fun and not filled with "things". My kids don't go back to school until September and I plan to take every one of those days left until then to enjoy and cherish.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Scaling down: Cook Books

In an attempt to scale down at my house I decided that the huge shelf of cookbooks in my kitchen should probably go since I rarely pull more than two of them off the shelf.   

So my procedure has gone like this: 
1. Go through a cookbook and put sticky notes on the pages of any recipes I really want to try. 
2. Add those recipes to my weekly menu plan (no more than 2 per week per category so as not to drive my family crazy). 
3. Transfer any loved recipes to index cards and place in my new to me vintage recipe box which will sit simply on top of my stove rather than taking up the huge shelf in the kitchen. 

4. Sell the cookbooks or add to my yard sale pile as I finish with them.

I obviously have a LONG way to go with this pile and I did keep my grandmother's Betty Crocker book and a copy of the Joy of cooking on my shelf. I even got a new to me pair of bookends (they are peacocks!)

Happy Monday! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to: Vacuum Sealing Dry Goods

So I walked into our basement the other day and found our freezer dripping water from the door - opening the door reveled that the interior was no warmer than our fridge. After some frantic rearranging to accommodate our meats in our fridge freezer I was left with a turkey, two trash bags full of unsalvageable foods, a few bags of corn that I immediately tossed into the dehydrator and a lot of chocolate. I usually store our chocolate in the freezer since it lasts longer but with no more space I had to come up with another option. So I washed up some canning jars and loaded them with the candy. If you've ever been curios about the process of sealing up dry goods in canning jar's here is the process.

Put food into jars ;) 
 Gather supplies, you will need your filled jar, foodsaver machine with port and preferably a dry option button mine has certainly paid for itself and it's been going strong for 7 years now and it's not extremely expensive. You will also need jar lids and the proper jar sealing attachment either the standard mouth or wide mouth as well as the attachment hose if your foodsaver didn't come with one.  
 Place the lid on your jar, attach the hose to the port in your machine and to the jar sealer.
 Place the jar sealer on top of the canning lid making sure to push down so that it is all the way on (some of the smaller jars and older jars have a large wide bottom ring these don't work with the jar sealer).
 Lock down the side latch as if you were putting a bag into the machine to seal, choose the dry option and press the canister button. You should hear the motor come on, you may have to press down slightly on the top of the jar attachment to get a good seal. You will hear the difference in the motor as the foodsaver does it's thing. 
 Either unlock the machine's lock or unhook one end of the hose and then carefully remove the jar sealer attachment, your lid should be attached and the center "button" in the down position. Label your jar and your done! 
 Unsealed jar on the left, sealed on the right. 
*Hint: If your having trouble getting your lids to seal, try putting them in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds before placing them on your jar. Just be sure to dry the lid thoroughly before placing it on the jar.